Safety Features to Consider When Buying a Teenager’s First Car

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When considering vehicles that teenagers may drive, you may find yourself faced with a myriad of different safety features. And in a city like El Paso, TX, where there are trucks on the highway at all hours and dust storms in the spring, it’s important to make the right choice. But which are the most important? Below we’ve put together a list of what features to consider when making a purchase for your first car.

Credit: @mazdausa via Instagram

The Benefits of Rear Cameras

Buyers may choose a vehicle with a rear camera that can be activated automatically, and numerous surveys have indicated that the cameras could decrease the risk of collisions by more than 21 percent. Moreover, certain screens feature graphics that indicate the size of the vehicle and the positions of objects that are situated near the automobile.

Preventing Collisions

During the last 12 years, some manufacturers have added sensors that can detect an impending collision, and the components may effectively assist the brakes while the vehicle is traveling in El Paso. Various regulatory organizations have indicated that these features can decrease the likelihood of frontal collisions, and if a vehicle is involved in an accident, the components may minimize the resulting damage.

Tire Sensors

When you are evaluating a car for a teenager, you should consider automobiles with sensors that monitor the level of air within each tire, and the devices can offer notifications if a tire’s pressure decreases significantly. These sensors will provide messages before low pressure can affect a vehicle’s grip, and some components offer diagrams that indicate the condition of each tire.

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The Benefits of Electronic Stability Control

If a vehicle features electronic stability control, the system can examine the grip of the automobile’s wheels, and when a vehicle slides, the components will automatically enhance the traction and modify the speed of the vehicle. If an automobile sharply turns, the system may effectively prevent the vehicle from excessively swerving.

Choosing a Vehicle That Features a Navigation System

Before a customer selects a car for a teenager, the buyer can examine vehicles that feature navigation systems, which may offer audible directions and descriptions of various routes. Certain systems can also examine the weather conditions while an automobile is traveling in El Paso. Moreover, some navigation systems can examine the traffic on roads that are situated near a vehicle, and this feature may reduce the duration of a trip and prevent accidents that involve numerous vehicles.

Sensors That Reduce Drifting

While a customer is evaluating a teenager’s first car, the client can test sensors that offer notifications if a vehicle drifts into nearby lanes. Numerous reports have suggested that this type of system may decrease the risk of vehicular collisions in El Paso, TX, and if a driver becomes fatigued, the sensors could effectively encourage the operator to temporarily stop the vehicle.

Airbags–For Knees

Many newer vehicles feature airbags that can cushion an occupant’s knees if the automobiles are involved in collisions, and the airbags may be connected to sensors that activate the components when an individual is sitting in a seat. Various organizations have suggested that these types of airbags can reduce the severity of injuries if vehicles are involved in collisions. Furthermore, the extra airbags can significantly improve ratings that indicate the overall safety of a vehicle.

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Bluetooth Control

If a teenager is driving a vehicle that features Bluetooth, the operator can enjoy conversations while the driver steers the vehicle, and multiple reports have indicated that this feature could decrease the likelihood of collisions by 15 percent. Sometimes, the system will be connected to a useful device that features satellite radio and a system that offers notifications that describe the weather conditions.

Brake Evaluation

When a vehicle slides, the brakes could become locked, and once a vehicle hydroplanes, the wheels may not grip the road once the operator continuously activates the brakes. If an automobile features anti-lock brakes, the components can improve the car’s handling while the vehicle is traveling on a wet road in El Paso, TX.

Checking the Ratings

Generally, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests new vehicles in order to determine a vehicle’s durability, and the evaluations can indicate the effectiveness of the airbags, the condition of the front section of each automobile, the durability of each vehicle’s sides and the quality of sensors that could improve safety. Before a customer chooses a first car that meets a teenager’s needs, the buyer can also examine ratings that have been created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This organization offers descriptions of safety features and creates a list of vehicles that could improve safety.

Credit: @mazdausa via Instagram

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