2018 Mazda Miata : Hardtop or soft-top?

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2018 Mazda Miata: Hard-Top or Soft-Top? While it’s hardly the most powerful roadster on the market, the Mazda Miata is nevertheless one of the most popular. Driving enthusiasts love the Miata’s clean lines, precise steering and impeccable handling on the open road. El Paso, TX drivers shopping for a 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata at Rudolph Mazda must choose between soft-top and hard-top variants. The following comparison should help you to make an intelligent decision.

A Few Advantages of a Hard-Top Miata


Improved Security and Safety

The biggest problem with a soft-top Miata is its vulnerability to break-ins. A thief can simply slash the roof fabric and gain quick access to any valuables stored in the glove compartment. Furthermore, a hard top provides greater protection to drivers and passengers during crashes. The rear arches that support the retracting hardtop shield occupants if the vehicle happens to roll over.


A More Substantial Appearance

As fetching as the soft-top Miata is to drivers of all stripes, the hard-top RF version simply looks cooler and more expensive. The “flying buttress” arches that define the hard-top Miata drastically alter the aesthetics of the vehicle. While the hard-top Miata’s upper body doesn’t radically improve the car’s aerodynamics, it does project an air of sophistication that the cloth top can’t.


A Quieter Interior at High Speeds

If you have your heart set on a convertible, dealing with plenty of road noise is the price you pay for fun on the highway. Regardless, you can cut down on decibel levels to a noticeable degree by opting for the retractable targa roof. The difference between driving a soft-top Miata and its hard-top cousin is like night and day.


Better Protection From the Elements

Like it or not, a soft top on any roadster can’t match the thermal performance of a regular metal car roof. Soft-top Miatas simply take longer to cool during the summer months even with the AC on full blast. A hard-top Miata allows owners to fine-tune the cabin’s climate without making the engine work overtime.

A Few Advantages of a Soft-Top Miata


Far Lower New and Used Prices

A hard top is necessarily more expensive than a soft top due to the complexity of its automated retraction mechanism. Soft tops can be lowered and raised by hand and therefore cost far less to install. A soft-top Miata starts at $25,295 while the hard-top Miata retails for a minimum of $31,910. Soft tops are also cheaper to fix if something goes wrong.

A Lower Curb Weight

When you’re dealing with a car that weighs in at about 2,300 pounds, a seemingly trivial change in curb weight can make a big difference. Opting for a hard top over a soft top will add about 110 pounds of material to the 2018 MX-5 Miata. While that may not seem like a lot, the extra weight will somewhat affect how the vehicle handles.


Greater Storage Space

There’s no getting around the fact that a retractable hard top is going to take up more space in the trunk than a soft top. Since a Miata has a remarkably small trunk to begin with, the reduction in storage space is quite noticeable. What’s more, the soft-top Miata has larger cubby-holes located behind the seats as well as a deeper rear shelf for personal items.

A More Visceral Driving Experience

Simply put, a soft-top Miata delivers a more organic convertible experience than a targa. With the roof down, soft-top Miata drivers enjoy a wider field of vision than hard-top owners. What’s more, soft tops can be actuated by passengers at high speeds on a whim. A hard top can’t be raised at a moment’s notice if you’re going faster than 5 mph.

There’s No Such Thing as the Wrong Mazda Miata

Ultimately, a Miata with either a hard top or a soft top will deliver years of reliable performance. Miata lovers in El Paso, TX can find an amazing deal on the 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata right now at Rudolph Mazda. When it comes to the best Mazda prices and customer service in El Paso, we’re the team to beat.

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