Price Protection Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

 The lowered offer price must occur within 48 hours after your date of purchase as specified on the front of this Certificate. 48 hours means after your date of purchase, computed by excluding the day you purchased the vehicle, and counting the next day as the first day.

The offered price must be for the same make and model vehicle identically equipped with the same MSRP and dealer installed options as the vehicle purchased by you and the purchase price for the vehicle shall be determined before manufacturer or distributor rebates, allowances or incentives.

Leased vehicles and the purchase of previously registered vehicles are excluded from this offer.

The offer to sell from another dealer must be in writing, signed by a manager or officer of the dealership, show the dealer’s name, address and phone number and the VIN # for the vehicle, must be the same make and model with the same MSRP equipped exactly as the vehicle purchased by you(including dealer installed options), and the vehicle must be available for immediate delivery by the other dealer. You must present the original written offer from the other dealer, (not a photocopy), with the manager’s business card.

You must present the proof of the lower price to Rudolph Mazda in person by no later than the close of business on the second day after purchase as specified on the front of the certificate.

Rudolph Honda must be able to verify the offer to sell before obligated to issue a refund to you pursuant to the Price Protection Policy.

If Rudolph Honda opts to refund the money and take the vehicle back, vehicle can have a maximum of 100 miles since date of purchase. Program excludes Rudolph Mazda’s advertisements.

This program is not a promise to undersell. No representation are intended to effect that “we have the lowest prices” or “we will beat any deal”.